The Stevenage Podiatry Clinic is based in Hertfordshire
in Stevenage Old Town High Street.

Our team of Podiatrists and Chiropodists provide Podiatry
and Chiropody services for feet problems.

We form the word Chiropodist from the Greek language.

Chiro = Hand. Pod = Foot.

In the 21st century, we deal less with the Hand and
more with the Leg and Feet, ' We are known as Podiatrists '

For most individuals, the terms Chiropody and Podiatry are
interchangeable. However, Podiatry offers a greater range
of treatments and therapies than Chiropody did 20 years ago.
Podiatrists deal with the whole leg now rather than just
the hands and feet, the body mechanics/ergonomics
of walking, ingrown toenail surgery and verruca surgery
to name a few areas covered by the Podiatry service.

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